Charlotte La Bouff, Mother of Atticus

Atticus La Bouff is the son of Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff, and grandson of Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff from the story The Princess and The Frog. Atticus is the only child of Charlotte therefore making him the heir to being the next Charlotte. Atticus is a Royal but isn't the least bit upset that his best friend Eudora Maldonia is a Rebel

Physical Appearence Edit

Atticus has brown hair this is short, sleek, and is in a neat style,  blue eyes, accompanied by reading glasses and has a square jawline with a small nose. Atticus stands in at 5'7 and has fair skin. Atticus has been descibed as a handsome young man.


Atticus wear a short-sleeved white dress shirt, accompanied with a black vest and silver-patterned tie, grey pants, and brown shoes while wearing a hat similar to a newspaper boy hat. Atticus does have a less professional  outfit, but primarily wears his professional outfit as it reflects on hs personality


Atticus is the opposite of his mother Atticus is introverted, and rather quiet but he does have a lot of energy, is enthusiastic *Although restrained* and is mature but Atticus is very kind to others and is very polite despite his rich upbringing, Atticus isn't spoiled despite getting whatever he wanted as a child from his grandfather Eli and doesn't bring up his privledged upbringing. Atticus spends most of his time observing things and staying out of conflict, while he loves to read and write.


Atticus has lived a relatively normal life growing up in Louisiana with a single mother, and doting grandfather Atticus grew up a good young man if mature, and serious. Atticus grew up constantly playing with his best friend Eudora Maldonia, and has learnt to cook from her.


Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff: Mother of Atticus, the two are very close to one another ever since Atticus's father passed away when he was three months old. Despite his mother being flamboyant, and Atticus being serious the two care about one another dearly. 

Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff: Grandfather to Atticus, Eli is also close to his grandson due to Atticus being his only grandchild (As of now). Eli has raised Atticus like that of a son, but has gotten his grandson anything he wanted like he did with his daughter.

Eudora Maldonia: Atticus's best friend since childhood. Atticus and Eudora have a relatonship like their mother's did and are very devouted to one another. 


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