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Clark Tuck is the adopted son of Angus and Mae Tuck, younger brother to Miles and Jesse Tuck. Clark is the youngest in the Tuck family due to him being able to age normally. Clark  is Neutral on the whole Royal/Rebel conflict.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Clark has apricot skin, blue eyes and short, wild black hair, He has an angular face and stands in at 5'4. Clark's has a small build that he earned from farm work along with a scar on his right hand.


 A plain white T-Shirt, Torn Light Blue jeans with mud splattered on the cuffs, with brown-ish yellow boots. Clark wears an aqua blue crystal around his neck as the necklace belonged to his birth mother


Clark is easy-going, mellow at times, and friendly but due to being shut off from people who aren't family Clark has a hard time approaching people and fitting into society due to the fact is that he never went to school. Clark can sometimes come off as distant, cold, and mysterious when he doesn't intentionally tries to, Clark sometimes hides some emotions from other students. Clark is smart enough to an extent but has trouble in school.


Found abandoned and lost in the forest as a baby Clark was found by Miles and Jesse, taken back to their home, and adopted into the Tuck family. Clark had always questioned his family why he got older and they didn't. By the time Clark reached thirteen Angus had contacted Headmaster Grimm and decided to send Clark to Ever After High when he turned fourteen...Unknown to the Tucks and Clark Clark is a descendant of Anna Tuck, Miles's daughter.Despite being in school for a week Clark struggles to fit in.


None as of now


Angus Tuck: Clark's adoptive father whom Clark has a good relationship as Angus is happy to finally having a 'natural' growing child at home but has kept Clark away from contact that wasn't family.

Mae Tuck: Clark's adoptive mother that loves Clark dearly and is fiercely protective of him. Like Angus she's also happy to have a child that can age.

Miles Tuck: Clark's older brother, and ancestor as Clark descends from Miles's only daughter Anna. Clark has learned how to buildng things out of wood from Miles.

Jesse Tuck: Clark's other older brother who has mostly goofed off with Clark while teaching Clark somethings like reading or writing.

Spark: Clark's pet dog who is fiercely loyal to him.