Ingrid Snow is the middle child of Queen Elsa and the only one of her siblings to have Jack Frost as her father.

Ingrid Snow
Gender unknown
Age unknown
Year unknown
Side unknown
Roommate unknown
Secret Heart's Desire unknown
My "Magic" Touch unknown
Storybook Romance Status unknown
"Oh Curses!" Moment unknown
Favorite Subject unknown
Least Favorite Subject unknown
Best Friends Forever After unknown

Physical AppearanceEdit

She wears her hair in a textured French side braid, with a snowflake gem holding the braid together, down to her waist. She has beautiful blue eyes, with matching ice-themed make up. Her lips are bluish pink,with porcelain skin. She has a slender build, with curvy hips, and stands at 5 ft. 7 in.


Her dress is ice blue, ending at her thighs, with white fur trim on the hem, her sleeves, and her hood. She adds black tights to show a casual, relaxed personality paired with the blak tank top under a cropped, off-the-shoulder short sleeve, sky blue top underneath her dress. Her ensemble is completed with a pair of below-the-knee high heeled boots created from her magic.