Alice mom

Joffery and Margery's mother.

Joffery Liddell is the Son of Alice Liddell from Alice in Wonderland and Thomas Liddell. Margery is his twin sister.  He is a rebelled and rebelled against his destiny.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has short light brown hair. His eyes are baby blue. He has a charming smile. He is medium build.

Outfits Edit

Usual Edit

He usually wears a navy blue polo shirt with light blue jeans and black vans. He has a ring with a J engraved on his middle right finger. 

Legacy Day Edit

He wore a navy blue suit with a white button up shirt and navy and baby blue stripped tie. His vans where replaced with black dress shoes. He still wore his ring. 


Joffery is a 'good guy' turned bad. He hangs with villains and doesn't have much to do with the heroes or anyone else. He likes to cause trouble is often seen with villians most of the time. 


Joffery lived with his mom, dad, and sister in wonderland. He came to Ever After a few days after his sister. Joffery was considered a villian until then. He is often in trouble. He has a dog he named Killer. 

Relationships Edit

Alice Liddell: Mom, he has a decent relationship but she was closer to Margery. 

Thomas Liddell: Dad, He has a better relationship with his dad than Margery does. 

Margery Liddell : Twin sister, he has a love, hate relationship. He loves his sister eventhough he is mean to her. He would never hurt her physically. 

Killer: Puppy, He got her after he came to Ever After and is often seen with her in his dorm.