Prince Charmont, Liam's father

Liam Charmont is the son of Prince Charmont from Ella Enchanted. Liam is the oldest child of the Charmont famly and is the older brother of Henry and Violet CharmontLiam is Neutral on the Royal/Rebel conflict. 

Physical AppearenceEdit

Standing at 6'3" (or 188cm), Liam is an imposing figure that is made all the more so by his wild appearance, possessing spiky black hair, dark gray eyes and a fair skin color in contrast to those of his siblings. Liam has a square jaw, and a slightly pointed nose, and is described as gorgeous.


Liam wears a black blazer unbuttoned on most occasions accompanied by a white long-sleeved shirt and a tie, dark tanned pants, and grey boots.


Liam only speaks when something needs to be said; his intelligence and observant nature taking in much more than many realize gives off vibes that he's more than meets the eye.His protective nature extends to his younger siblings, and anyone whom he considers a friend.When tired, he can become talkative and somewhat flirtatious, which surprises those unaccustomed to this side of his personality. Liam is quite loyal and generous, dependable, down to earth nature, patience, independent and persistent nature; while his negative traits are his stubbornness, indolence, and overprotective nature.

 History Edit

After being crowned King and Queen of Kyrria Both Ella and Charmont were notified that they both needed need to each have an heir to take on their roles in order for the story to continue to be told to next generation on and so forth.

Ella and Charmont parted with another to produce their respective heirs. Prince Liam was born as the oldest son of Charmont. Liam has been attending Ever After High since his Freshman year but gained attention, and a fan-girl horde around his Sophomore year when he hit a growth spurt. Liam has spent a majority of his life raising his younger siblings.


King Charmont: The father and son have a strained relatonship after the death of Liam's mother via raid on the castle. The last time Liam spoke to his father was Freshman year.

Prince Henry: The two princes have a very good relationship with one another as Henry and Violet were pratically raised by Liam.

Princess Violet: Similar to that of Henry and Liam's relationship, Violet loves her older brother very much but wishes he meet new people.

Deslin of Frell: Future Love Interest of Liam's and the two have recently met.

Ingrid Snow: Liam's very first girlfriend whom he met in the courtyard as the two bonded over the meaning of roses.


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