Meagan Skellington, AKA Meg Skellington, is the older sister of Aemilia 'Emily' Coraline Skellington. She will take on her father's, Jack Skellington, destiny. 

Meg Skellington
Meg Skellington
Gender Female
Age 15
Year Sophomore
Side Royal
Roommate Emily Skellington
Secret Heart's Desire TBA
My "Magic" Touch TBA
Storybook Romance Status Happily ever after with Lock
"Oh Curses!" Moment TBA
Favorite Subject TBA
Least Favorite Subject TBA
Best Friends Forever After TBA

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a 5"7 ft. tall skeleton, with waist length pumpkin orange hair hanging straight down her back, and small red lips. 


She wears t bow on the back of her head, a grey, spider web printed above the knee dress with a wide v neck collared like her fathers suit, a pair of black and white striped stockings that go up to her thigh, and a pair of plain, just below the knee black heeled boots.


She is kind, sweet, protective, loyal, can't wait to be queen. If she gets mad look out. She adores her family and may have a crush on Lock. 


There is a lot to be known about Meg Skellington's history, but let's sum it all up. When Meg was younger, she and her younger sister Emily used to fight all the time. The fighting all stopped when Meg won the crown. After Meg finishes her turn with their family's destiny, Emily will get her turn.

Meg is currently dating Lock.


Jack Skellington She almost never fight with her father. She admires his position as King of Halloween, and is 'Papa's little punpkin' as Jack calls her

Emily Skellington Her little sister, Em as she calls her, is known to get in trouble, but being the big sister she is, she'll always come to her aid. When they were little they didn't get along too well. It wasn't until they decided to see who the storybook of legends chose as Jack's heir that they finally had a relationship better they could've hoped for.

Lock The middle sibling of Shock and Barrel has always caught the Pumpkin princess's eyesockets. Since they were kids Meg thought he was always devilishly cute. Now being an adult, Lock looks hot as hot can be. At first he plotted to use Meg to get the throne, but then she discovered the plot. After a stern threat, Lock decided to heed her warning and discovered he had a thing for her. It can be confirmed that the two are dating.

Sally Skellington nee Finkelstien Her relationship with her mother resembles hers with her father. She loves her mama, and though she can't sew, she is skilled with her hands. Meg looks to Sally for advice on her personal life.