Gaston, Sam's father.

Sam LeGume is the daughter and oldest child of Gaston LeGume who is referred to as just Gaston. Sam is the next Gaston from The Beauty and the Beast and due to being the oldest child is the heir to the story. Sam is a Royal and is trying to win the affection's of Bellamy Jolie. 

Physical Appearence Edit

Sam has has slightly beady brown eyes and a button nose, and is 5' 7" and has a light build with some muscularity. Sam's hair is a short, cropped style that is black like Gaston's and has Gaston's fair skin, while her chest is small it gives her an advantage in her disguise.


 Sam wears a shirt similar to Gaston's but more modernized with golden trimming on her sleeves, black fingerless gloves, charcoal colored jeans, black boots, and wears a small sports bag.


Sam is similar to Gaston is ways of arrogance, and believing maidens need to be saved or helped, Sam however has a kinder side and unlike Gaston loves reading, and painting but tries to be the son Gaston wants while desperately wanting his approval. Sam is always sarcastic and cynical while having a hair-trigger temper when provoked. Sam is often called a boor of a young man by other students but has fangirls: Despite this Sam has a thing for poetry and writes poems and haikus in the free time, along with flirting with female students but isn't attracted to females.


Gaston had promised as Sam's mother had became pregnant that his first-born child would be the next Gaston and defeat the next Beast winning over Belle's future child. In a sense of irony, a twist, or karma paying him back Gaston first-born was a daughter instead of a son. Sam's mother pleaded with Gaston not to kill Sam or abandon her but instead allowed Gaston to raise Sam like a true son and to groom her to be the next Gaston.

Sam's mother had to reluctantly treat Sam like a son instead of a daughter. Sam has grown up to believe she is a boy (With the story that a witch cursed her to be born a girl) while Gaston's younger children are boys minus Sam's younger sister Lilli. Sam wants to win the new Belle,Bellamy's heart despite not being in love with him and dealing with Pepper Pan who may or may not be with Bellamy. Sam hides her true gender and has requested her own room from other students.


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