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Anastasia, Thad's mother.

Thaddeus Thawne-Tremaine is the son of Anastasia Tremaine and Dimitri Thawne, the baker.Thad is the next Anastasia Tremaine but is a Rebel in the Royal/Rebel conflict he hasn't told anyone, including the other members of his fairytale. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Thad has slicked back-spiky blonde hair of his father's color, freckles and green eyes. He had a lean yet slightly muscular build and stands in at 5'8. Thad is a simple looking boy with square glasses and a narrow face.



Thad wears a gray shirt with a painted logo of a quater moon on the front, with a green jacket over it, black fingerless gloves, blue jeans with several tears on the legs with a checkered belt, and black shoes. He also wears a star-shaped pendent around his neck. 


In contrast to his cousin Dev Tremaine, Thad is kind and friendly to people due to his raising with Anastasia and her husband Dimitri.Having managed to avoid problems with his wit and many years of wisdom;Thad is mild-mannered, peppy, and carries himself well. Around others at times, he is cool, logical, and business-like but in private he is pretty calm. He is skilled at being a student who works hard However, he tends to work at his own pace and doesn't pay much attention to his surroundings so he often goes unnoticed by others, despite his status as a good student.


 Thad's life has been mostly normal as he's grown up helping around his family's bakery.Thad was sent to Ever After High during his Freshman year and has been there ever since going unnoticed by the student body as he mostly keeps to himself.


None as of yet but Thad plans on joining the Cooking Club.